Lloyds News – Classic Vehicles Auction Series 2016


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To all of you car lovers out there does Lloyds have the perfect story to tell you. Would you believe me if I told you Lloyds were about to host an auction with over 3000 lots of vintage vehicles and auto memorabilia being sold completely UNRESERVED? Well believe it!
Home to over 100 vintage, veteran, classic & modern vehicles is the Queensland Auto Museum, covering over 3000 square meters of floor space. It is home to a collection of muscle cars, and a Peter Brock collection covering the Ford and Holden eras which includes the very rare Brock LadaSamara.
Over a lifetime’s work Roy has combed the entire country forming the most diverse and one of the largest privately owned museums of Australian classic cars and memorabilia from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The museum is far more than just a collection of classic vehicles; it’s about the people and the stories behind the vehicles and the era and memorabilia from the 20’s through to the 90’s.
It is now time for Roy’s life work as custodian to this collection to come to an end, now it’s your turn car lovers. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take hold of your chance to become caretaker of one of these toys. These cars will all go to auction COMPLETELY UNRESERVED. It is now up to you to bring a new story to these cars and honour them with as much passion and love for cars as Roy has and will always continue to have.
With recent closure of the QLD Auto Museum, Lloyds have been instructed to sell the entire collection of cars & memorabilia, completely unreserved! As hard as it may be for Roy to part with his life’s work he hopes to pass his collection onto a new generation, and trusts that the winning bidders are as passionate as him. His prized possessions will be an end of an era for Roy but the start of one for the lucky bidders. Due to the large amount of items there will be a massive 9 auctions filled with not only classic vintage vehicles, but over 3000 lots of memorabilia, workshop equipment, commercial catering equipment belonging to their rock and roll diner and agriculture machinery. It’s due to be a week full of fun and excitement!


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